NAEC Officers

Raven Heart

Vice President

Raven grew up outside Cambridge England as an Air Force dependant for 23 years, graduating from both British and American high schools specialising in maths and sciences, and continuing onto higher education in Cambridge, majoring in Photography. Her skill set includes management, website design, social media management, portrait photography, acting and modeling. She’s currently a Hawaiian Hula, Tahitian Dance and Fire Performer in her spare time.

‘Native Americans in the entertainment industry are at a huge disadvantage. These days some people don’t even think we exist anymore or have a wildly distorted view of who we are and where we come from. It’s time for re-education, support and inclusion. Our ancestors’ stories and our stories need to be told, and who better to tell those stories than Natives in this industry? We’re here to help them do that and get the opportunities they deserve, as well as consulting with those who have a respect for our culture and wish to represent it accurately’


Nicole Lynn

officer of social media

Nicole is a Chumash and Yaqui Native. She was born in Fairfield, California and grew up in Poway, California with one brother before moving to San Antonio in 2006 where she currently resides with her family.

Nicole is a writer of fiction and a self published author. She also partakes in freelance modeling and is seeking a career in acting and behind the scenes. Nicole is dedicated to promoting the Native Entertainment Entertainment Coalition as a career and for the people is supports. She would like to see the NAEC become recognised worldwide and for the organization to become an active resource for the productions that are in need of genuine Native talent.


national and international

naec officers


joseph Thomas bailey

Co-founder and president

As one of the founding members of the Native American Entertainment Coalition , Joseph Thomas Bailey is Native American and Celtic, originally from in Chicago, Illinois. He currently resides in Portland, Oregon.He is also a U.S. Army Veteran is the son of a U.S.M.C Vietnam Veteran. Joseph is not only an Actor, he is a Writer and Executive Producer. His experience is not only limited to television and film; he himself has appeared in a few music videos as-well as was a Associate Producer of one. As an Actor he is versatile to be able to play a variety of cultures, this is due to his upbringing as well as for one of his passions, Anthropology..